Hello friends and family of Arrowhead Fitness,

  • Let us help you reach your Summer fitness goals in 2021, by Springing into our fitness tracks. We are offering a Spring Fitness Special of waiving fees for the One Year Startup Membership Contract ($100 discount) to use in our Weight Room, Cardio Room, and Fitness Classes. Offer is available for limited time, from May 1st - May 31st. More Info

  • Join us for Outdoor Cycling Classes at the Arrowhead Village Center Stage on Saturdays, May 15th and  June 12th, at 11:00 am. More Info

  • Studio Yoga Classes: Join us for Yoga Flow every Monday morning (@ 9:15 am) and Friday morning (@ 10:30 am) at our lakefront yoga studio. Also, we now offer Candlelight Yoga Flow on Friday afternoons at 4:30 pm.

  • Our Strength & Endurance classes, at 5:30 pm Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday, include: Boot Camp, Body HIIT and Shred & Sculpt  fitness. Book a class using our MindBody app or call us.  

  • The "San Bernadino County Update" is published twice a week, and also as needed, in order to share important news and resources in our bottle against COVID-19 and to keep our economy running​. To learn more go to #SBCountyTogether.

  • For California County closures that apply to counties that have been on the State County Monitoring List for 3 consecutive days, please go to COVID-19.CA.GOV

Please stay safe as we work through all these changes together.


Tina Hitt, Owner


Group Fitness Class Schedule


06:00 am Buti Yoga Tribe

08:00 am StraightUp Cycle (IC*)

09:15  am Vinyasa Flow Yoga

05:30 pm Boot Camp with Weights 

(*Indoor Cycling)


06:00 am StraightUp Cycle

09:15  am Ballroom Burn

05:30 pm Full Body HIIT* Training

(*High Intensity Interval Training)


08:00 am StraightUp Cycle

09:15  am Balance - Tone - Strength (BTS)

05:30 pm Shred and Sculpt


06:00 am StraightUp Cycle

09:15  am Ballroom Burn

05:30 pm Buti Yoga Tribe


06:00 am StraightUp Cycle

08:00 am StraightUp Cycle

09:15  am Balance - Tone - Strength (BTS)

10:30  am Vinyasa Flow Yoga

04:30  pm Candlelight Flow Yoga


08:00 am StraightUp Cycle

09:30 am Ballroom Burn


We Provide

Exercises that Works Best for You
  • Balance, Tone & Strength Classes

  • Health & Personal Goal Support

  • Weight Training Boot Camp

  • Full Body HIIT & Sculpting

  • Yoga & Buti Tribe Classes

  • Ballroom Burn Dance

  • Indoor Cycling

  • Theme Events

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